Similar to merk, to cut someone down in their prime through the use of either lyrical prowess or a glock
Blud i swear down i will slew you
You will get bun and slew
by jefferyatkins March 8, 2004
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a term used for someone that lies a lot; Drew Wilkinson himself;
ex: drew is at a party and a friend calls
Friend: "Hey drew, where ya at?Lets party!"
Drew: "aahh, I'm driving down Birdneck right now. I'll give ya a call later."

look at slew. he's such a slew.
by mooseclays October 21, 2010
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a jewish slut.

slut + jew = slew
You messed around with George?? He's such a slew; i heard he had sex with someone else yesterday.

fuck you slew!
by nina b. March 29, 2008
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1) the accumulated and dried female ejaculate that remains on a mans penis after sex.

2) can be used to describe someone prone to douchebaggery as an extra level of offense
"Trevon?! Dude is such a slew" Paul replied OR "Stop being such a slew before I throw your ass out of my car
by @n0n0m@u5 June 6, 2011
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meaning a group of 7 or more people in a group
There was a slew of people at his house.
by Dee Dia Boia June 10, 2004
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