1. An agreement usually among a particular segment of the population to reduce or stop the use and purchase of certain products or activities.

2. An unfair trade practice which occurs when someone in the insurance business refuses to have business dealings with another until he or she complies with certain conditions or concessions.
The fish n chip shop refused to decrease the price of fish so the customers boycotted them.
by Spitty July 1, 2005
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Father Cahill had a boycott in the rectory and slept like a baby. Meow!
by connorsji May 1, 2009
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Word originated in County Mayo, Ireland where an English absentee landlord called Captain Boycott expected his tenants to harvest his crops as part of their rent. The tenants refused to deal with him and the word boycott was added to the English language. The landlord and his family were totally ignnored and their crops rotted without harvesting.
by Matt Connaire July 15, 2005
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when something is not good at all. 10/10 would not participate
"boycott sacha"
by americanvisasystemfromaus September 3, 2019
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The new age millennial approach of avoiding use of a business or place when a group of people decide they do not like what has occured or what it supports. Resulting in business foreclosure or redundancy.
I #boycott_(theme park) because an incident occured and feel it needs to be shut down and have 1000 people lose their jobs because of how I feel.

I started a boycott movement because i disagree with what the owner said but can not find a reasonable response so I just chose to create drama.
by The-honest-aussie June 18, 2017
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When your bro is over but the wifi is down so instead of playing some video games you have sexual intercourse on a cot (bed), hence the word boycott
Ralph: Hey man the wifi is down but I just recently got this nice cot, wanna Boycott?

Eugene: yes I would love to boycott with you until the wifi is back up
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to avoid love, or being hurt by it. believing all love is fake and should be avoided.
'boycott love, detox just to retox'
by patvump August 26, 2013
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