Last name of a badass irish seafaring clan
"Damn those Cahills are cool"
by Anonymously Anonymous human November 28, 2017
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A term used when someone tops another persons idea or story.
Brad just cahilled his story.
by Cahilled October 25, 2013
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A brown sugar below 6ft guy who loves curry and Pumas. He loves himself a Spanish ting and is a great lover - apparently.
Elvin be more like Cahil you roadman
by elvzino November 29, 2017
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to have a huge mole on your penis
Jon has a huge cahill, girls dont like it!
by charlie roids May 29, 2012
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A sex position including 2 guys. The first guy does a back-bend with his dick in the air thus, making a hill shape
with his body. Then, the second guy sits on the first guy's dick and proceeds to bounce up and down on it.
Ben: "Hey Wade, wanna go do The Gayhill Cahill in our dorm?"

Wade: "Nahh, my girlfriend is coming over soon and I'm gonna fuck her till she cries."
by the_quiet_one_in_the_car July 3, 2011
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An absolute legend who makes the greatest memes of all time
Someone who always gets that bread
The world's best novice rower
Person 1: Hey, you know Rowan Cahill?
Person 2: Oh yeah, he's that guy who totally fucked Billy's girl!
Person 1: He also makes the best memes of all time!
Person 2: what an absolute unit.
by secreturbandictionaryuser March 21, 2019
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New York Native who plays a New York Detective on the hit CSI NY -Det. Don Flack-. He also plays 1980 USA Olympic Hockey Goalie Jim Craig in Disneys Miracle. He has appeard in guest spots on TV in shows such as friends and sex and the city. He is also known for his VERY gorgeous blue eyes
Wait, thats Eddie Cahill? Damn, you could just sink into those beautiful blue eys!
by x_faneffintastic08 February 20, 2010
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