Although some believe otherwise, rock is a sound and not a lyrical theme. Therefore, Christian rock is made possible. Most good Christian rock addresses real issues like suicide, partying, backstabbing "friends," death, broken families, sex, murder, etc.--but all from a Christian view. It doesn't ignore the world and the themes of secular rock. It just has them with a twist that often points the listener to Jesus. Some say that only secular rock is "real". I say secular rock goes around in circles, while Christian rock points you in the right direction. Do you want to go around in circles, or would you prefer to find meaning in life and accomplish something?
Some Christian rock sounds as good as secular rock or better. And if you think the words "Christian" and "rock" don't belong together, how about the words "Christian punk"?
by RockOn! September 3, 2005
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Something you have ready to scare off a bad blind date.
If you play it, they will run.
by yaoigirlproxy January 26, 2005
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Ironically one of the most soulless genres of music ever.
Person 1: Hey, you should listen to the new CD I just bought.
Person 2: Really? I'm hoping it will be original. What are the songs about? Are they about real-world issues and humanity's relationship with one another or something creative in that manner?
Person 1: No, they're about Jesus. 54 minutes and 17 seconds of JESUS. It's Christian rock.
Person 2: ...
by The Bad Guy February 4, 2007
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another attempt by greedy men in suits to cash in on something. Basically "Christian Rock" is just another product that is pushed to be sold by men in suits sitting behind desks who are saying, "You stupid Christian youth, this is your music". Another product to be sold, conning you out of your money. Most Christian Rock has rock trappings but the melodies and song structures are lame, derivative and not very original or exciting. The lyrics are usually preachy, pompous, overbearing and propagandistic. True songwriters write from the heart, not according to some format or formula. If you want to hear entertaining rock'n'roll that covers themes that Christians can relate to, there is plenty of it. U2 is an excellent example, they ROCK. Also, Pink Floyd, Genesis, the Ramones, the Beatles, Rush, Peter Gabriel and many other big name acts cover mature topics, yes, even with religious references and inspiration. Jesus can be found in everything, if you look hard enough.
Christian rock ain't nothing but propaganda for right wing fundies who care about the "message" more the music. It ain't really too different, in that aspect, from so-called Nazi rock. It's just propaganda, a product. Most of it is really just lame "adult" pop anyway. "You Light Up My Life" is one of the most goopy and hideous pieces of trash to ever hit the charts and airwaves. "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" is a great slab of "Jesus rock" because it comes from the HEART, like rock'n'roll is supposed to do in the first place.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice May 22, 2007
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1. An oxymoron.
2. A genre of music created by teens who wanted to play rock n' roll and still be considered good kids. Urged on by churches, parents, and the man, this genre has grown in recent years. The title, Christian Rock is false for the fact that rock is made up of drugs, sex, and rock n' roll, while the actual music contains little or none of these. Christian Rock tends to contained watered down and weak instrumentals, centering around lyrics. Comparable to soft rock. With few exceptions, such as Switchfoot and POD, Christian Rock has been and always will be a weak, lame stepchild of Rock. This is a shame because Christian music could be great, and yet it is crap. For any people who love true rock such as myself, and have good taste in music will not even listen to this weak crap. Being Christian doesn't mean you have to listen to that worthless shit.
Bob:Hi! Do you like Christian Rock!
Dave:No I listen to good bands like Led Zeppelin and AC/DC.
Bob: Thousand Foot Crutch is the best!
Dave: Eat me.
by SeanMurface April 11, 2006
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Bleck. Bad music made worse by the cheesy lyrics. They usually claim to be hardcore but are grossly poseurish.
On the Southpark Christian rock episode.

You guys aren't hardcore.

by holly the ginger kid. June 2, 2007
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