literally just slay. it can can be whatever u want it to be xx
omg slay
by slaymacbeth March 2, 2022
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slay the house boots down houston i’m deceased
a minute slay
3/4 slay
by midbis🫦 May 21, 2022
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something you tell someone when they look sexy as f***
Yass boo slay
by reddit/ducci July 20, 2014
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this word means to to something and do it well.
by SAVAGE-BRANNESHIA February 15, 2017
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a word people use when someone is hot and smexy
by Angie2003 May 2, 2018
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It's like when u lookin hella good and you can pull anything off to make it look good
Dyum girl slay
by whoisthismiss December 21, 2015
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