31 definitions by cliff

having the smell of vomit
The whole room smelled quite vomitiquous
by cliff November 19, 2003
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Acool person who plays football and is king of all robots
MOLESINATOR: Come here robocop and destroy hugh marshall
by Cliff February 03, 2004
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B.O.A.T. = Best Of All Time
Pachules is the B.O.A.T.
by cliff January 01, 2005
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An asain produced automobile that is purchaced and custom fabricated to race on the street
I took out my GT 500 last night and shit on every rice burner at the pike
by cliff December 06, 2002
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explanation of something so great it is to cause an orgasm on sight or contact
I saw the 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500 in my driveway and it was scrumtralcent.
by cliff December 06, 2002
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Descrete description of a pornographic movie
James went to the video store to get something action packed for this evening
by cliff December 06, 2002
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The fold between a womans ass and her thigh
I pooned those grundles last night.
by Cliff December 03, 2004
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