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When riding in a car, someone feels an extreme need to take a dump, so much that the turd is moving in and out of the anus.
"Daddy' please pull over, I'm prairie doggin' !"
used in Saturday Night Live
by Cliff November 20, 2003
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to be very high from smoking marijuana
We got kicked out of home ecinomics cause we would always show up toasted and eat all the cookies.
by Cliff December 7, 2002
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to WTHAY sb, Verb.
The welcoming of a new member to a public mailing list with the expression "Who the hell are you?", usually in a reply to his or her first post to the list.
I think you scared her off when you WTHAYed her.
by Cliff January 19, 2005
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An asain produced automobile that is purchaced and custom fabricated to race on the street
I took out my GT 500 last night and shit on every rice burner at the pike
by Cliff December 7, 2002
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Man that chick had a NASTY bajanga.
The girl started to moan when I rubbed her bajanga
by Cliff October 6, 2002
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n. A traditional act of charity during the Thanksgiving season, whereby you "drop off" a frozen "turkey" to some organization (like the Salavation Army), which then redistributes to the poor.
Mike’s Pharmacy has scheduled the fourth annual Turkey Drop today to benefit the Salvation Army.
by Cliff June 18, 2003
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The greatest of all times.
He found a way to portray martial arts differently, aside from just the fighting. From him, I have learned a lot, and these things I can use in my life, not just in fighting
In Enter the Dragon
Lee teaches a student how to kick with the feel of the energy within him.
by Cliff February 10, 2004
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