The language which should be used in any instance where English is being used. This means no sticky caps, no netspeak, no leet speak, no 12yr old Aol girl speak.
The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plains.
by Ashley December 23, 2004
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Unlike Standard or Common English which refer to a formal or casual (which can incorporate texting abbreviations etc. and the rules that apply when using them) form respectively, Proper English is different. Many people still don't know that while Standard and Common forms can change based on society's changes, Proper English cannot. Standard and Proper English used to be one and the same, however with major grammatical changes, such as the dropping of "thou" and "thine", Proper English and Standard English split. This is due to the fact that the Proper form is not allowed to change it's grammatical rules, excepting the additions of words where needed. Therefore, Proper English actually refers to Middle English, where these rules for the language were set in place. Standard And Common forms were also one and the same. More can be found at Standard English
"Shakespeare is actually written in Proper English"
by Gr@mmar Nut October 10, 2017
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To perform cunnilingus, especially in an exceptionally skillful manner.
"He taught me proper english last night."
by Jay Emme May 19, 2006
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The variant of English spoken in the United Kingdom (where English is from).
David: Do you speak Proper English, mate?
by jss-urban January 22, 2021
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A large joint consisting of 3 papers. it is two papers long with an extra paper in the middle for ease of rolling.
"It's 4:20, wanna blaze a joint?" "nope, because I have a 6" long English Proper all rolled up for our enjoyment"
by shaginwagin April 14, 2010
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The language which MUST be used in any instance where English language is used, it combines proper English and Plain English, so:
1. No sticky caps
2. No slangs
3. No jargons
4. Proper spellings (such as capitalization)
4. Comprehensible language, even underages and elderly people can understand it
5. No political correctness
6. Have a proper grammars (such as proper use of verbs, adjectives, and such)
7. Effective languages
by Sir. B March 5, 2021
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