when you get your dealer to drop it off to you in a location this is usually done with weed
hey do you know anyone who does drop offs
by ivy hippie August 19, 2017
Quitting all social media temporarily so that your only means of communication are txt/chat and phone calls. Usually done for self-care or to increase focus on more important parts of life.
Person 1: “yo did you unfriended me on Facebook, what’s your beef?”

Person 2: “naw we cool, I just needed to drop off for a few weeks for finals, I’ll be back
by dirtyRottenHippies December 2, 2018
(especially due to natural causes) die.
Bill's gonna drop off from his stomach cancer, but oh well, he lived to the ripe old age of 104.
by Hobox February 23, 2018
Losing badly in NBA 2K/or any sports game.
Brown Shirt #1 - Damn... Those two legends Dropped us off.

Brown Shirt #2 - Wow, so this is how it feels to get DROPPED OFF.
by TrulyQioff & Shnaggyhose September 27, 2020
Drop-Off can be used in many litteral contexts and has different meanings. First of all, it is in the yugioh card game. It is a card what makes the opponent discard the card he/she has drew. Therefore upsetting them a lot.

Drop-Off is also know as dropping someone off, or getting rid of them because there an annoyance.
Oh my god Tyler i drew Jinzo and you played Drop-Off...i wish i had my seven tools of bandit on the playing field.

Tyler: Kyle i dropped of Kaite! Hahahahaha

Kyle: Nice i wish i could too! But i don't have that card!
by Tyfobird November 13, 2005
-When someone is getting on your nerves really bad.
-When a bitch is pissing you off.

-Someone who plays around too much and needs to stop playin and being dumb.

-Someone Talking Shit and you are about to shut them up.

-When a nigga is embarrassing you or being ignorant.
This Bitch bout to get dropped off...
Nigga you about to get Dropped Off!
Im about to drop yo ass off.
.... Bout to get Dropped Off!
by TRACE11 April 3, 2018
Taking a shit. A new-age spin on "Dropping off the Cosbies", or "Dropping the kids off at the pool."
My morning ritual consists of showering, shaving, and dropping off the Obamas.

"Hold on, I gotta go drop off the Obamas."
by Matt V February 17, 2010