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when you get your dealer to drop it off to you in a location this is usually done with weed
hey do you know anyone who does drop offs
by ivy hippie August 19, 2017
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Drop-Off can be used in many litteral contexts and has different meanings. First of all, it is in the yugioh card game. It is a card what makes the opponent discard the card he/she has drew. Therefore upsetting them a lot.

Drop-Off is also know as dropping someone off, or getting rid of them because there an annoyance.
Oh my god Tyler i drew Jinzo and you played Drop-Off...i wish i had my seven tools of bandit on the playing field.

Tyler: Kyle i dropped of Kaite! Hahahahaha

Kyle: Nice i wish i could too! But i don't have that card!
by Tyfobird November 13, 2005
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After taking a shit and standing up to wipe your arse, dropoff is the dod of shit that remains clinging to your hoop until you are upright, then falls off and lands on a number of places.... in your boxers, on the carpet, on your shoes etc... and is renowned for going un - noticed until it's too late.
"Yesterday in the office, Alan emerged from the gent's with mad dropoff down the back of his pants ! no - one told him and it ended up getting everywhere !"
by Drewbud315 July 05, 2007
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Quitting all social media temporarily so that your only means of communication are txt/chat and phone calls. Usually done for self-care or to increase focus on more important parts of life.
Person 1: β€œyo did you unfriended me on Facebook, what’s your beef?”

Person 2: β€œnaw we cool, I just needed to drop off for a few weeks for finals, I’ll be back”
by dirtyRottenHippies December 01, 2018
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Bill's gonna drop off from his stomach cancer, but oh well, he lived to the ripe old age of 104.
by Hobox February 23, 2018
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