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The brand name of a type of household drain cleaner.

' But now Midland City looked unfamiliar and frightening to Dwayne. "Where am I?" he said.

' He even forgot that his wife Celia had committed suicide, for instance, by eating Drano --- a mixture of sodium hydroxide and aluminum flakes, which was meant to clear drains. Celia became a small volcano, since she was composed of the same sorts of substances which commonly clogged drains. '

--- 1973. KURT VONNEGUT. "Breakfast of Champions, or, Goodbye Blue Monday." Chapter 6 (Page 65).
by Dinkum February 15, 2014
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A semi-derisive slang term for the Draenei, a playable character race on the Alliance side from Blizzard's MMORPG World of Warcraft.
We wiped again! Who let that Drano idiot tank?
by CoilSlade February 05, 2010
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