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faggot + goth

gay goth kid. probably likes reading queer books about conspiracies and vampires and having secks with men. one of the highest degrees of being a skwayer
person one-hey look at edgar over there

person two- no he's part of the "dark" side or whatever. he wants to be called andariel, darkness lord of the almighty, grand panel of the sages of elm street werewolverines.

person one- wow what a faggoth
by ck July 9, 2004
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Cole is your neck burnt from the goal light.
by ck December 15, 2015
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An object that is used for cKleaning. A term cKlueless wankstaz use to distinguish their flags.
You lil wanksta, cKallin ya flag a rag? You lookin to get dropped. B's up C's down; 5 poppin, 6 droppin; 5 flaggin, 6 draggin.
by ck October 4, 2004
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Taking a stripper home (or to your place or hotel) after her shift at the strip club for some nookie. Can either be paid or unpaid. Unpaid is always better.
After she gave him some lapdances, she offered him takeout at her place.
by ck November 6, 2004
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only bloods use it.. its like crackin but brackin get it?
Hey my brotha wats Brackin?
by ck April 22, 2003
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