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Devon is the name given to the most beautiful boy ever. Usually a pieces and usually should date a girl who's a pieces. He's got the most beautiful eyes and has a very specific taste in girls. He's extremely good in the bedroom, and is showed much female attention. He's very fashionable and cares a lot about his appearance. He has the most perfect smile and has to be the funniest person you'll ever meet. He is a typical boy who loves football, and hides his feelings a lot but deep down he's a very emotional young man who has deep feelings for a certain someone. He dreams of making a future with her but he doesn't wanna tell her exactly how he feels because he's one of the 'lads'. Any girl is lucky to have him because he's the most down to earth person, and he'll always put a smile on your face. Get yourself a Devon and if you've got one hold on and never let go.
Devon is so beautiful.
by slkdjp June 08, 2015
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A person of great power, intellect, and wit. Derived from the Hindi word Dev meaning:A god; a deity; a divine being; an idol; a king.

A person who s considered to be swave and good with women is often called a devon or devdev meaning: god king.
I think I'm in love with that guy. He's such a devon.
by Ravenation June 12, 2011
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The easiest person to talk to in the world, has a great sense of humor and is beautiful and loving. Not to be mixed up with other people named Devon who are not as amazing.
"Yo! Look at that Devon! She's so amazing! I'm going to go talk to her!", "I love my Devon."
by nayr8870 December 14, 2011
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Easy going cool guy who people often underestimate.

Do not take his quietness as insecurity. Devons are usually smart, creative and sociable but not pushy or overly aggressive. Easy-going and kind, but not push-overs.

Just a good guy all around and well-liked by pretty much everyone.
"You might think he is too average and doesn't have much to offer, but i would take Devon on my side any day day of the week."
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A Devon is a very caring and loving young man.Also sometimes reffered to as Danny. he's repectful and respectable.. very fun to be around also great with parents and family. A Devon has been through alot but it always positive and can see the positive sides to everything. If you are lucky enough to meet a devon never let him go because i havent :) and my life has been amazing since then. If you encounter a Devon just know your life will change and you will become the happiest person on earth. A Devon is a very strong individualed although faced with many problems he knows how to show love. A kind and gentle spirit with a sometimes hard outward shell but with great intensions. Dont with anyone a Devon cares about because he WILL show you who's boss and beat your ass. Lastly a Devon is so caring he always puts others before himself and is kind a spiritual not to mention SEXY AS HELL !!
<3 Danny, Devon baby I love you and ALWAYS will you are and always will be my north star<3
Devon you're the best husband anyone could ask for!
by xoxoxAngel November 21, 2011
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The guy who sticks up for you, a person who is always there, the nicest hottest person ever!!! Someone who cares and will love you. Someone who won't give up. The best boyfriend you could ever have!!
Girl: He's sooooo freakin hot 😍😍. I wish I had a Devon
by Felicity77 May 15, 2015
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