The last line of defense that stops the other team from scoring. They are the unsung heroes of the game. They give there heart and body to the game they love, and are willing to sacrifice everything to save the game. Even when they get hurt they never complain. The only bad part about a goalie is they tend to get blamed for losing the game because everyone remembers the shots they missed and not the ones they saved. In reality though if your team was so dame good then you would not need a goalie.
There are goalies in soccer, hockey, and lacrosse and you dame well better respect them because no one sees your ass in goal.
by Goalkeeper#13 January 12, 2015
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An ice hockey player whose job is to prevent the opposing team from scoring goals by blocking shots with various parts of his body. Goalies (also commonly referred to as goaltenders, net minders and puck stoppers) differ from any other player on the team in the sense that they do not play shifts. Goalies are expected to play the entire 60 minutes of a given hockey game on the ice.

Physical characteristics of most goaltenders include extreme flexibility, due to the necessity to be agile enough to maneuver freely to stop multiple shots in a given game. Goalies also commonly have above average reflexes, as at the professional level, often are forced to save shots exceeding speeds of 75 mph on a regular basis.

Goalies are often considered quirky and highly emotional by nature. Most goalies employ a very strict set of rituals before games. The reasoning behind their ritualistic nature is most often in order to prepare them for the game. Their personalities are often described as bi-polar and many players, including the goalie's teammates, avoid him at almost all costs on game day. Goalies' dual-sided, unpredictable emotions stem from the fact their job as a goalie is a very high stress-high reward position.

It should be noted that goalies hold the most important position on any hockey team and any smart player, though they may not like the goalie, gives the goalie both his space and respect.
Check it out rook, that's our goalie over there. On game day do not sit next to him on the bus, ask him for anything or talk to him about the game. In fact, don't make any form of contact with him at all."
by netminder December 7, 2008
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term that i made up that means some one thats blockin cock blocking to be exact
if a ur spitin game to a girl and a random guy comes up and starts tryin to talk to the girl u were talkin to thats a goalie
by K fleury February 8, 2005
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The guy in your office that can't score and makes damn sure you dont either.
Spence is a goalie everytime we go out.
by Dani Tristan August 29, 2005
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First of all a goalie in soccer is the most important player, because of the whole team messes up its up to the goalie to save the teams butt. It also sucks being a goalie because they are thought of the least important player on the team because they don't run around but in face they have to have the most skill on the team because when that ball is coming in there direction they have to think of where the person is going to go, where the ball is going to go, what hight is the ball gonna go, and when should they dive and they have to get all of that right. Also if a goalie messes up it's always remembered but the good saves are just looked upon like that is our job. Not to mention if the weather is bad how much worse it is for us goalies than all of the field players like we have to jump, dive, and run in that weather. Goalies are also basically mini coaches because they can see the whole field. sometimes we have to tell something to our forwards so we have to scream and omg is that annoying when they don't hear us. So maybe now people will have more respect for us goalies
by Bmiller April 28, 2019
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It means that when a couple agree with the same things and like the exact same things and hate the exact same things.
Male : heyy baby i like eating spicy pasta in this rainy weather.
Female : under the warm covers and watching a boring movie.
Female : GOALIES ♥️💕♥️💕♥️❤️
by Daddy's demo April 2, 2020
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The act of making love while both partners are blindfolded, while trying to get in position first time.
Jane: What did you do last night? Susie: Me and jack did it goali, but he missed
by Kuros September 11, 2007
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