a shire, a province, like staffordshire, derbyshire, lincolnshire, mostly just little mining villages and market towns, theres the county jail.

its also the kind of ass, the shire ass, or just the english shire horse, in the states its a shire pony.

jimmy:wheredyo live, me ole shoe
johnny: I live in derby
johnny: arrr, dahhby county
jimmy: stop teckin the piss, and get back t'werk
by paul hinton April 30, 2006
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fake money
made in regular printer
traceable to marker
not good when wet
i just bot some pringles with them counties
by t. fibby June 18, 2005
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U r the best of the best and also u pull all the bouers at the discos everyone wants to get a bit of that jersey
No wonder that lad is getting the meet he plays county
via giphy
by Countae February 13, 2019
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when a bitch is making it really tough to smash, so you have to fake clout in order to get inside her pants.
Yo this bitch wasn't giving me the time of day, so I pulled a county and started posting up on the gram with my savings account, now she's sliding in my DM's.
by Badboykcmw June 05, 2019
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awful, rubbish, terrible,, any other word that is negative
that were proper county
by thackerz January 23, 2004
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