short for county jail
" damn banks is locked up in county"
by HaveckOfL.A. November 24, 2005
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a shire, a province, like staffordshire, derbyshire, lincolnshire, mostly just little mining villages and market towns, theres the county jail.

its also the kind of ass, the shire ass, or just the english shire horse, in the states its a shire pony.

jimmy:wheredyo live, me ole shoe
johnny: I live in derby
johnny: arrr, dahhby county
jimmy: stop teckin the piss, and get back t'werk
by paul hinton April 30, 2006
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awful, rubbish, terrible,, any other word that is negative
that were proper county
by thackerz January 23, 2004
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Refers to the island of Prince Edward County in Ontario, Canada. Home of horn tripping, the Hayloft, and lots of drunken white people on quads.

**Note that there are other definitions for The County, but when it is entered into Google, Prince Edward County is chosen.
"Hey Bubba, let's cross the crick to the County and go horntripping.
by divaheels May 23, 2011
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Affectionate term that Mainers use for Aroostook County. Wicked rural, it's comprised of the northern ~1/4 of the state. Think moose, lumberjacks, plaid flannel, potato farmers, and paper mills. Ayuh. The County.
"Can you tell me the best way to Portland from The County?"

"Ayuh. Well you cahn't get theah from heah..."
by BC08 November 12, 2005
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The county is a little piece of Kentucky nestled into Illinois. In the County normal etiquette need apply. Here if you can see over the bar then you can drink. If you can pump the keg then you can fill your cup. With a prominently white population the county lacks the unjust politically correct spectacles that are pressed upon other native Illinois residents.

***known as Calhoun, heaven, and foremost THE COUNTY

The county is no stranger to legend. Passed down from generation to generation comes a myth or better yet story that instills "a true Calhoun warrior spirit" in us all about a gorgeous you man that will remain nameless. Legends say that the boy could finish 30 packs of Diesel and COOORS HEAVEYYY and barely stagger.....only veeering once to avoid an invisible deer...but thats another story... As foretold by the prophecy the young boy would breech the rivers surrounding the county and make a name for himself in the real world at a paradise deemed Eville. And so the boy did.....leaving his mark in various dorm rooms and in various houses......he fears no man nor any beer...... he the man... the legend...... the warrior
Lets go to the county and drink some beer then fuck our cousins.
by Joey Waterman February 4, 2011
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