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N: referring to the family dog, who steals your sister dirty underwear out of the hamper, then eats the crotch out of her soiled panties. Most crotch muncher’s prefer, period panties, or ones with lots of goo in them.
Addy steals Danielle’s panties and eats the crotch out of them.
Hillary's panties are a Crotch muncher's gourmet snack.
by chris50M February 22, 2006
A tampon, or rag that is currently in use, which generally means guys are out of commission.
Julie is riding the dynamite stick
Anne is having her period
Bob is not getting any this week, danyelle is on the rag
by chris50M January 12, 2006
A person, male or female, typically a teen who farts in a bath tub full of water and pops the bubbles to smell the water filtered fart.
Tom farts in the tub then smells it!
sally is a tub farter.
by chris50M January 12, 2006
Verb: meaning Hide The Weenine, a game you play with your date, whereby you try to find as many places you can to slide your dick into her body.
Danielle played Hide the weenie (HTW) with Tim.
Girls today think HTW is just something else to do on a date

by chris50M January 13, 2006
The term you use when you have just had the best, unexpected sex, and later find out the youngin is underage..
Did you hear, Pete scored with Courtney and later found out she was jail bait.. whoa bolderdash!

Joan, gave it up for Sam, but joan is Bolderdash
by chris50M January 13, 2006
V: The art of self sucking ones own cock, blowjob, with the intent to and final achievement of bringing yourself to orgasm, masturbation, whereby tasting your own Boy Pudding, sperm, filling your mouth to the brim.
Glenn is a Dipsucker.
Chuck sucks his own cock
Cobie likes the taste of his own sperm
Good to the last drop
by chris50M January 20, 2006
Verb: Used to describe a man’s balls and penis which are totally hairless, thusly making them appear much larger then they really are.
Danielle says Glenn, shavedstick looks so big
David shave his balls too
by chris50M February 3, 2006