The act of deleting emails or messages.
My email is running out of storage so I need to Hillary It.
by Monica clinton October 12, 2016
The act of being killed in such a way as for the death to appear as an intentional suicide. See also "suicided."
Epstein and McAfee were Hillaried.
by rbrice July 1, 2021
The act of failing or imploding at something that was, and should have been, all but assured.
The 2015 Warriors are down 3-2 to the Cavs? They are totally hillarying these finals.
by chAMPIRE November 12, 2016
A pretty and gentle girl...She would hate to see you sad and have strong feelings but would keep her head up through hard stuff and is very confident about herself.
And you should respect a Hillary because she will take care of you and will always support you
"You are such a Hillary :)"
"You are respectful like a Hillary"
by Hills_89 March 4, 2018
to be as funny or pleasing or to have high degree of humor as Hillary.

Early 21st century Native American: from Vietnam mixed German background ( from Greek hilaros 'cheerful' ) + ous. The sense ' exceedingly amusing ' dates from 2019.
Me: You're so Hillarious
Hillary: Haha that is so punny of you! ;)
by Cyronious October 1, 2019
Hillary is an amazing person with a kind heart. She is mentally crazy in a good way. She is funny, caring and crazy. But in inside of her is a savage girl thats swears.
Person 1 - Hi , have you been a Hillary today?
Person 2 - Yeah i have.
by WolfGamer357 January 9, 2018
Hillary Clinton's desire for presidential power and untold wealth has made her a corporate mouth piece, a shill for Wall Street. Starting with the word "Shill" replace the letter "S" with her god the almighty dollar symbol. Next put Her name after that and you've got $hillary! A variation on that would be $hbillary, once you throw Bill into the mix. Or you could go with $hilliary. The possibilities are endless.
Wall Street Exec 1: "Why does it look like $hillary Clinton put on 35 pounds?"

Exec #2: "Because Citibank just hired her for a speaking engagement, and when she was done they stuffed her $675,000 fee down her goddamn pants suit. You should have seen it! The $hill' finished it off with her classic 'Cut it out!' line and it brought the house down! A couple guys who had too much to drink laughed so hard they peed their fuckin' pants! One of them even bought her pants right off her because his pants were drenched . Christ he was dancin' around the room in them and pretend g he was The $hill'!! Fortunately she had a spare back pants suit with her and put it on which is good because that thong she was wearing was funny and shit but it didn't do it for me."

Exec 1: "You know I'm having a party in two weeks, do you think I could book her?"

Exec 2: "Yeah! She'll do anything for a buck. So will her husband. Get both of them. Then you can get the comedy stylings of $hbillary!"
by Right Moves April 19, 2016