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The best guy any one could ask for!! He's sweet, kind, loving, compassionate, adorable, and hilarious. Hes very loving and understanding. He also has a very kinky side to him, but also a very gentle side.
I love Cobie so much!! He's just so amazing and I never want to loose him!!
by MaryGrace___ June 02, 2016
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A girl who has a dirty fanny and won't wash her hair. she likes to lick fanny and suck dick also she eats ass.
That Cobie was dirty...
by Sashay Shantay February 18, 2018
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Pathological liar, one that is not good at it and is always caught, but never shows remorse. Kind of a dick. Very influential and disloyal to the ones who treat him best.
Kid 1: Did you hear that Cobie got caught lying again?

Kid 2: Yeah, but he doesn't care about what he did.

Kid 1: Never does.
by Th3Obs3rv3r April 05, 2014
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