discovery of one's used condom by the subject's parents. the parent may or may not be aware that said child is already sexually active. creates serious tension/embarrassment between parent/child/child's significant other.
I'm in deep shit man my mom found my dirty underwear after last night.
by Mo025 January 10, 2009
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A worldwide underground club that has members who attempt to outdo one another for the most days and nights of wearing the same pair of underwear without washing them.
Late at night when we’re all by ourselves, we log onto the Dirty Underwear Club website with our reports of “another day in the same pair” until one of us pathetic loser dirtbags wins and then it’s a sleazy award that we can’t really show anyone because it’s so disgraceful and disgusting; but we are, in that moment, a winner.
by Dr Bunnygirl November 3, 2019
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Can be said about someone seriously lacking brain activity.
Me- You'll never believe what Lil Kurt did today!
Evil Tim- What did he do? Did he try to marry a donkey again?
Me- No, it's even more idiotic than that... the boy tried to launch himself into orbit by supergluing some Roman Candles to his butt! He's in the hospital now for severe rectal burns.
Evil Tim- Man, he's dumber than a sack of dirty underwear...
by Shawn B. September 21, 2003
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Cocaine that smells like dirty underwear with skidmarks. This kind of coke has appeared in the midwest and towards the east coast starting around the end of 2022. Dirty Underwear Coke is known to make users sick and is typically sold at a discount because of its odor and taste.
Tyler: i blew 3 gs of dirty underwear coke and I have a bacteria infection
by MegaShark NBA Blazed February 6, 2023
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