11 definitions by chaosmotic

Scrolling up is fun when getting added to a meme group or any group with a bunch of pictures your seeing for the first time. Pronounced SCO UP FOO.
She wondered why she had been added to the crapmasters group and then she experienced scro'up'fu.
by chaosmotic July 07, 2019
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When a person of either gender can not stop laughing and pointing at things that they think require ridicule, or sarcastic responses.
We had diagnosed Lillie as unsane because she kept cackling and pointing at everyone that was doing almost anything, then she started laughing at the parked CAR and we realized she was stuck on autocackle.
by chaosmotic July 07, 2019
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The difference between good faith and bad faith relation, due to the transactional nature of relations vs the destination of the relation. RelationShops are where love and hate are sold on an open market. It's a zero sum game that prevents any commitment from occurring, because the subject is always split between their choice and finding something better, hence the symbol $. A relationShip, on the other hand, it a vehicle to transport two or more people from one place to another.
He finally admitted that, though he had expressed sympathy for her, that he really didn't care about her problems, that they were irrelevant to his life, so he went down, sadly and met the trickster at the relationshop. What else have you got? And the trickster, who knew how to cheat you fair, said, what about this one?
by chaosmotic July 14, 2019
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The inability to stop making up neologisms, that is, new words.
After five hours of making up words like Yoloc and Sethronull, he had to admit he had neologorrhea and took a Xanex.
by chaosmotic May 09, 2019
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I love you. If I ever win the lottery or inherit money, you'll get a gift or be asked if you need anything that can be bought with money. If you need help, and I can help you without leaving my polycule injured, I will help you.
My luck is your luck, they say to sister soul. Sister soul says: And mine yours.
by chaosmotic July 06, 2019
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A Fucking Liar, as contrasted with a run of the mill liar.
That f'liar better watch his back, cause I'm coming for that muther fucker.
by chaosmotic July 05, 2019
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Fuck Like There Is No Tomorrow: An exhortation the flows from an extreme state of despair or mental clarity that leads to the holy hedonism, as if the Apocalypse is nigh.
by chaosmotic July 12, 2019
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