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Lillie - A perfect girl with the heart of a million stars, will always put you before herself and is a huge help to anything in your life, a girl where beautiful, gorgeous, cute, and astonishing all collide into one masterpiece of the perfect girl for yourself
by That_football_guy July 26, 2017
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Lillie's are awesome chicks. Who are always making people laugh. They are very strong minded and dont take crap from anyone. Lillie's are very confident and straight forward. They don't hold anything back. But Lillie's are very good friends and can be very careing and are good secret keepers. Guys fall for Lillie's very easily. And Lillie's do have amazing personalities and bodies. They are very short but that makes them adorable!
Dude! See that...that's a Lillie!
by saywhat777 October 17, 2010
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Lillie is a type of sexy salamander.

Lillie's are very smooth and soft. People like to hug them because they are so comfortable to cuddle with. But recently, Lillie's have been put on the endangered species list as people can hug them to death; the main cause of death is starvation as the Lillie is introverted and will rarely leave their sleeping nest to hunt for food. If you have a trained Lillie they can be very bouncy, loud and excited. They usually will only leave their sleeping nest to get food from your frigde, and run back to their sleeping nest and lock the door.
If you have a Lillie, make sure she is groomed everyday, otherwise she will have an unusual smell that sometimes makes you want to die.

But if you have a Lillie, and she likes you, you are very lucky as she can become very awkward and uncomfortable around people she doesn't like.
My Lillie is so comfortable and soft!

Guy 1: "Damn. That is one sexy salamander!!"
Guy 2: "Dude, its a Lillie thats why!"

My Lillie never leaves her room man!

Chick 1: "My Lillie is so crazy!"
Chick 2: " Mine is so awkward!"
by Just_A_Human18 March 29, 2018
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Lillie is the sweetest person you will ever meet. She has a great personality and is nice to everyone she meets. She is usually a smart person and is mainly around people that are older than her. She is very tall. Lillie is a beautiful girl and any guy would love to be with her.
Oh jeez Lillie is so sweet to everyone she meets
by Urbamizesyeriner April 14, 2017
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Lillie is the unique spelling of the variation lilium. Lillie's are funny, charming, creative, strong-minded, independent, well-grounded!
What is the most awesome name in the world? Lillie.
by bcuzimawesome February 5, 2010
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A Lillie has an awesome personality, is incrediably smart, and is a total knockout. A Lillie is an amazing fighter, a good cook, and has an amazing ass. A Lillie's ass is the best there is. Guys look for a Lillie for a girlfriend, and marriage partner. A Lillie has a sweet body and amazing eyes. A Lillie is typically a bangin brunette.
"Man, she is friggin hot. She must be a Lillie."

"Dude, my girlfriend is a Lillie."
by killakoolaid March 15, 2010
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She's freaking amazingly hot. When she makes out with somebody, they wanna take their clothes off, even if in a public place. She has a nice ass. She loves to be superduper nice to people, and she's good at it. Lillie's are the best kind of girls in the world that guys always want to date. If you know a Lillie, DATE THAT MOTHERFUCKER.
"Gah, look at dat ass. I bet her name is Lillie."

"Wow, I'd tap that Lillie."

"That Lillie is the biggest sweetheart ever!"
by kakakakoooow December 10, 2012
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