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1- a person who doesn't tell you the truth
2- a backstabbing friend
see gaberila
by jajajajaded October 11, 2003
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1. someone who represents one set of facts, while knowing that a
different set of facts prevails;

2. (popular) someone who having led others to believe one thing, does
a different thing; a promise-breaker;

3. (colloquial) someone whose general conduct, level of reliability,
relationship with truth, and past preformance leave him or her with
little to no credibility in peoples' opinion;

In modern Canadian history, the biggest liars are former Prime
Ministers Stephen Harper and Brian Mulroney, along with a pissant
Minister of Defence Peter MacKay.

by Figleaf23 January 14, 2009
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someone who tells obvious lies just to make themselves look good, but infact make themselves look stupid and pathetic purely because they think everyone acctually believes them!

this is due to insecurity.
girl1: hey guess what?!
girl2: What
girl1: the dude who plays harry potter bought me this bracelet!!!

girl2 to girl3: she is such a liar!

by Artsy girl September 26, 2006
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A lie is the intent to deceive in order to defame or defraud a person of something tangible such as money, a contract, or property among other things. In most free countries, characterizing a person as a liar requires evidence that they did something illegal and a conviction by a jury, otherwise it is defamatory and socially condemning to call someone a liar and calling them a "liar" is grounds for a lawsuit.
A liar is not someone who puts on a game face in order to be pleasant or who embellishes (false statements, inconsistencies, half truths, strectching the truth) or fibs in order to get ahead. A liar is someone that has committed a felony, such as perjury, robbery, fraud, or being a false witness; either by using false narratives to confuse people and deliberately distort any details, or by lying to their self into thinking they have a right to do what they did or are doing.
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by Rosebud1776 August 06, 2017
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1) Lie (Liar) Someone who bullshits their way through life, pissing off the people around him who know they're bullshitting.

2) Something that is known not to be true, but someone tries to convince you that it is.
She is such a liar!

He lies so much!
by Novur May 30, 2016
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A dummy who lies to make his beautiful girlfriend feel bad when he was actually doing something else.
Jerm lied to his girlfriend, therefore he is a liar.
by v0mmey September 06, 2008
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