1- a person who doesn't tell you the truth
2- a backstabbing friend
see gaberila
by jajajajaded October 12, 2003
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1. someone who represents one set of facts, while knowing that a
different set of facts prevails;

2. (popular) someone who having led others to believe one thing, does
a different thing; a promise-breaker;

3. (colloquial) someone whose general conduct, level of reliability,
relationship with truth, and past preformance leave him or her with
little to no credibility in peoples' opinion;

In modern Canadian history, the biggest liars are former Prime
Ministers Stephen Harper and Brian Mulroney, along with a pissant
Minister of Defence Peter MacKay.

by Figleaf23 January 14, 2009
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A liar is what you call someone who lies. There are many religious beliefs as to what happens to liars, but one that is certain, is that liars are gay. Regardless of gender, belief, or social status, if you lie, you are gay.
Cesar: What are you gay or something?

Diego: Nah bro. (Lying)
Cesar: You god damned apple tree. You are being a liar, therefore you are gay.

Diego: Shoot. I guess I a person who lies consistently.
by OgCupcake November 24, 2016
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A dummy who lies to make his beautiful girlfriend feel bad when he was actually doing something else.
Jerm lied to his girlfriend, therefore he is a liar.
by v0mmey September 6, 2008
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Someone that is dishonest and is not forthcoming with the truth.
She never tells the truth and cannot be trusted. She is such a liar!
by most anazing guy ever October 30, 2014
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A statement made to dishonestly mislead another person.

The term is too broad. There needs to be three separate words.
One word where the liar has the intention to advantage themselves to the detriment of others. “I will clean my room today.”
One word where the liar has the intention to advantage the recipient of the lie without any detriment to the liar. “You did a very good job.”
One word where the liar has no intention to advantage or disadvantage anyone. “There is a Santa Claus.”
by Glockey April 6, 2008
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