The act of fingering female genitalia, either through masturbation or with assistance from a partner.
Josh: Why are your fingers so tired, Alex?
Alex: I was scrolling that girl Kailyn all of last night.
Josh: Lucky! I never get to do that...
by RedVelvet February 12, 2011
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(verb) aimlessly scrolling a webpage(s).

usually happens when you are:
a. not paying attention
b. high
"Oh man, I was just scrolling so hard for like 20 minutes."

also can be used in other contexts:
example; if you catch yourself, or someone else, daydreaming
"You look like you`re scrolling pretty hard there."
by Scrollin` February 10, 2012
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An extremely important and irreplaceable activity, that is a part of every office job, and can involve any act that is unrelated to one's job mandate. Some common scrolling activities are fantasy football, social media, exploring Wikipedia and car forums. Advanced scrollers are able to deplete all scrolling materials available for the day covertly, while pretending to be extremely busy. This is usually achieved by professional scrollers through the use of window resizing, redundant spreadsheets, and mobile device utilization, among other things in the scroller's toolbox.
John: What's good at work bro, you fools busy or what?

Dave: Naw son, scrolling all day... Added a word to Urban Dictionary, while gambling on my stock trading account.
by Mike WG January 8, 2016
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The word otherwise used in real life as rolling, but on the internet, when messed up, on fire, etc., you are scrolling.
Shit, I just killed 2 guys on counterstrike on a pill of Exctasy, I am scrolling.
by Biff Justice November 7, 2005
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To roll up a blunt with weed.
"yo you want me to scroll that blunt real quik?"
by Scroll Masta April 12, 2007
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Created in 2003 - A compilation of words put together typically on a piece of paper. These words are arranged for maximum hilarity. This is achieved by discecting funny sounding words in the English langauge (and on the occasion, made up. E.X. Chise). Some scrolls may contain headers, or "themes", in which a piece of paper reflects an object of everyday life. Either that, or it makes no sense at all.
Theme: How to do scrolls

Snort the dorsil fin of Tiny Tim Mutombo. Swallow a large scoop of cream. Use my begotten container or swab my radish. My lavender stew presents problems for Gumbi.
by Scrollie September 21, 2006
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This scroll, is the Ultimate Scroll. They should put this right behind the US Constitution. Yes, it is this important.
Don't touch The Scroll.
by Negger October 28, 2004
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