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an obviously drunk cartoon character used to promote the best tasting cereal line, ever. peanut butter and choco-donut crunch mixed together and eaten with chocolate milk has been known to produce effects in the brain associated with LSD and crack cocaine.
'... in each special marked box of Cap'n Crunch cereal you'll find a torch lighter and a glass novelty tube. Imagine the uses, kids!
by cereal killa January 18, 2005
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what I call all my homies that are thin and puny.
my dawg Joey T., he's 5'10" and weighs 145 lbs. soaking wet. "Joey T., what up fat ass?"
by cereal killa January 13, 2005
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very influential song produced by 80's rap icon Public Enemy. been in dozens of films, most notably Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing.
"Elvis, was a hero to most. But he never was to me, he was a straight out racist muthafucker. It's that simple and plain!"
"Mthafuck him and John Wayne!"
by cereal killa January 13, 2005
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the act of sucking penis

oral gratification
hey there, sexy girl. why don't you slide yo fine ass over here and gobble my knob?
by cereal killa January 13, 2005
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an 11 year old girl that can run faster than her pappy, uncle and 13 year old brother.
"Git the hell off'en me, pappy! Yer smushin' ma cigarettes!"
"If you wanna git some money for yer baby's formula, yer gonna gimme some of that cooter! Yee Haw!"
She is no longer a Louisiana virgin!
by cereal killa January 13, 2005
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kick ass speed metal band who is comprised of ex-Pantera bandmates and brothers Dimebag Darrel and Vinnie Paul. They are now hooked up w/ two flavor of the month bandmates and are poised to take the entire world by storm! I can see it now, Damageplan being as big, if not bigger than...dare I say it? Metallica? And with new material coming forth they...what? No way! You're fuckin' seroius? Dime? Dead? OMG, when?
MAN IN CLUB: That DAMAGEPLAN band sure does kick ass.

WOMAN IN CLUB: Yes. Yes they do, sir. Hey? Did you see that guy walking across the stage? Hemust be a band member 'cause security would have stopped him if he was going up there to try and harm anyone in the...


Four dead not including the fuckstick who shot at the band. Where was security? HUH?
by cereal killa January 28, 2005
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when a white dude taps that ass of a black sister, and he doesn't fall short. basically, she don't need to push out her deuces for a while afterward.
see that Beyonce' lookin' sista over there, yeah, she needs an alabama slamma and she'll be aight!
by cereal killa January 13, 2005
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