- n. - a father or grandfather, or old folk in general
Homie 1: Hey, wanna meet me in da alley and garden some Mary Jane?
Homie 2: Aw schnap, I gotta visit mah pappy! Maybe some other day...
Homie 1: Dayums, me too...I hate mah papps but I gotta score some watson from dat biatch...catcha Tuesday.
Homie 2: Yah-yah! Buhbye
by Bensta November 23, 2005
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a name given by a friend or friends.another word meaning an amazingly amazing friend you love and couldn't live without :)<3
by heathcabf00l! September 20, 2009
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Slang for Pap Smear, i.e. a medical procedure for the early detection of cancer in the cervix.
A naked business woman marches into the gynecologist's exam room, jumps on the table and places her feet in the stirrups. Her tight, bald yoni twitches with impatience.

"Ms...?" asks the doctor, still fumbling with her file.

"Spare me the chit-chat, Doc!" hisses the lady, tapping her watch. "Gimme a pappy and make it snappy!"
by bobsyeruncle September 9, 2009
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You see that hot asian? I'd pappy her.
by Carlos JJJ SSS March 27, 2008
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An employee of a company who may not neccessarily be the highest in seniority, but is the oldest in a group of his/her peers at work.
Did you talk to pappy last night at work?
by Guardian of the Night February 21, 2011
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a hairy specimen that is very soft to the touch and is of the human breed. (jokes)
I have just shaved myself, looks like I am a happy Pappy!
by Ibaldo Walton October 4, 2003
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