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Catch and release - n - the practice of hooking up with someone and not becoming emotionally/physically attached to them.

As a result, other people have a chance to hook up with this person because he or she has been "caught and released" back into the wild.
Ben: "Yo I nailed this girl last night"

Dave: "So are you going to call her later?"

Ben: "Hell no man, I practice catch and release. That way, you can have a shot with her next weekend."

Dave: "Thanks Ben. You are a great person and a noble gentleman."
by urmomma42 March 08, 2006
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A euphemism for “kill me” now that composting oneself after one’s death has become popular.
All right, why don’t you just compost me?
by Dr Bunnygirl March 22, 2020
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A port-o-john user's key to survival.

The user carefully hangs several strips of toilet paper from the toilet seat into the port-o-john, creating a dangling basket, also known as the "crap trap". The user then rests his derrière on the seat and begins to void his bowels in comfort, knowing the threat of a geyser shooting straight up his mud canal has been mitigated by the hanging "shit swing". This completes the the first part of the process known as the CATCH.

After the poo purge is complete, the user then simply leans forward, allowing the basket to fall to its inevitable doom in the blue waters below, and thus completing the last part of the process known as the RELEASE.

Note: This method was created and perfected in rather austere conditions and has proven to be an invaluable tool in one's survival of plastic public toilets.
They had just emptied the port-o-let. I was in a rush but I should have used the catch and release method... When my crap hit the pool below, a minty fresh blue stream shot right up my butthole, leaving me shaking in the fetal position on the plastic floor. It was as though i had just experienced my first bout with prison sex.
by M@dm@n March 01, 2012
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to catch feces in your hand and throw it away
Jon was too tired to get out of the shower to poop and his poop was too big to stomp down the drain so he pulled a "catch and release" and tossed it into the toilet.
by jo_rel April 06, 2014
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When you have been tied down to a girl so long that you need to play the field and sniff the fresh muff. However, you merely escalate it to the point of hooking up and then release her before anything physical occurs. Hence, Catch and Release.
Go out with your boys. Sniff around, maybe even get a booty dance. Get her number, delete it, and then go back home to your girl. Catch and Release.
by DawgFace12 December 11, 2015
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1. A legal way for sadists to inflict pain and injury on a fragile defenseless living creature. How would YOU like it if someone offered you a morsel of food when you were hungry, only to gleefully drive a big ol’ BARBED SPIKE through your cheek as you trustingly bit down on said tasty tidbit, and THEN just clumsily yank out the torture-device and toss you back out on your ear without even bothering to bandage you up?!?!??? I would **never** do anything like this, nor can I see how there could possibly be any legitimate pleasure in it --- for mercy’s sakes! --- unless you’re planning on keeping da meat, LET DA POOR FISH ALONE TO SWIM IN PEACE! If you aren’t planning to sell your catch or fry it up for dinner, leave your fishin’ poles at home, fer cryin’ out loud!
2. What “bad boys” wish da cops would “do when they come for you”, rather than arresting the troublemakers after a lengthy pursuit.
3. What a selfish or ”shallow” person does whenever he “plays the field”.
I keep my friends “for life” --- if you treat me right, I will always “be there for you” (i.e., give you emotional support, come and pick you up if you get stranded somewhere, unclog your toilet and otherwise lend you a hand as needed, etc.). I never practice “catch-and-release”, even if things don’t work out romantically between us.
by QuacksO December 26, 2018
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The act of buying an item or items of clothing with the intention of returning them for a refund.
Mary went to the mall to buy a new dress which she knew she would return. She practices the art of catch and release and thus can shop and save money.
by #SugarDaddy July 25, 2006
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