proud black woman

a woman who carries herself with pride
You better ask that sista standing over there.
by chas November 25, 2003
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(n.) A female friend, that is more than one's best friend.
"You are more than that, your my sista."
-Holla Sista
Word Sista
by Emiley February 24, 2004
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a black woman who carries her self with high respect. usually brown to dark complexed women are seen as real "sistas"
"that beautfil sista has got it going on"
by ed June 9, 2003
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sis-ta: A female that is of the genus bootylicious, and must possess an intact and functional set of mammary glands.
there were some real fine sistas
by akin February 7, 2004
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2 girls who are best friends and will go through everything together and don't give a F*** about anyone's option

They are ride or dies
They are homies
"Hey Sista wanna party?"
by November 2, 2020
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A term used by basic white girls who wear Simply Southern t-shirts and HeyDudes, to refer to another female who they would consider their own “sister”, even if they aren’t close friends.
*girl posts a snap selfie of herself and a random girl she’s been hanging out with*

*girl comments: “sista sista
by reality_observer March 26, 2021
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