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a guy who is the f*cking coolest person to ever be...not to mention he is straighter than an arrow and the girls throw themselves at him
wow...that kid is really lord tonight...wish i could be like that!
by c April 29, 2004
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Massachusetts Institute of Technology. One of the finest engineering schools in the country.

Refered to as "That OTHER engineering school" by representatives of CalTech.
by c March 15, 2005
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A kick-ass joker at xerosix, AO, and PI forums. A true gentleman to all the ladies, possessed of a harem of at least 10 girls.

see Don Juan and/or bootymate.
If someone's laughing, it's probably Lynx's fault.
by c December 04, 2003
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Man who uses difficult word's like "constitution" at the wrong places
"That man is a legend, he does not exist... he's a... constitution."
by c February 04, 2004
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a colombian way of sayin someone's a wanna-be, false, materialistic, shallow loser. Only used in Bogota
Ese man es un paquete
by c March 05, 2005
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One of New York Cities Best Bands that is taking the world by storm.
Chantal the singer in Morningwood fucking rocked her tits off tonight bitches.
by c April 14, 2005
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