a sect of humans native to the sixth floor; this species is known for their grossly gigantic testicles, lack of work ethic and foul odor; partial to wolf's delivery and keg beer.
man, bankruptcy screwed the fucking pooch. again.
by Professor Timmy C March 12, 2003
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when you go so broke, you sell your video game consoles.
bruh i just went into hood bankruptcy and had to sell my ps4 and xbox-one.
by eval October 25, 2020
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Usually applied for when you have the trots but its got to the fizzy gob point where there is nothing left to yield.
Being very ill with a stomach complaint for a significant period of time,

Pete- Wheres Dave then Stu?
Stu- He's been off work with the gutrot, its been three days now he must be at the point of Arse bankruptcy
by Anders Par November 8, 2010
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The exceedingly rare state of having an overdrawn account at one's local spank bank. Such a tragedy can be caused by making constant withdrawals without the foresight to make any deposits. This state is usually temporary as the realization that one's account is overdrawn is immediate and there is abundant material ripe for deposit on the interwebs.
'I heard Orren had a mean case of "Spank Bankruptcy" the other day.'

"Oh yeah? What happened?"

"I think he was taken aback at first but I'm sure he just browsed the grade 9 section of the yearbook a bit and got right back on the horse"

"Attaboy O-Dog"
by Grumbleweeds May 25, 2011
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1. A declaration at some point during the evening (it may be declared by friends or a self-declaration), that you are now totally lacking in moral principles or quality for the remainder of the evening; Unscrupulous;

2. Depleted of valuable qualities or characteristics
Yo, my man has a wedding ring and is grinding on everybody in this club... I guess he's declared moral bankruptcy.

Friend: That girl is hella drunk. Since I already declared moral bankruptcy, I'm calling dibs.
You: Damn son, you are one grimy son of a bitch.
by The Incredible Hawk July 30, 2009
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the act of quitting your web browser with multiple tabs open when it's no longer evident why you opened all the tabs and what you planned to do with them.
Jason returned to his cube after lunch to find he had over 20 tabs open in Firefox. Rather than sorting through them all and trying to make sense of the mess, he just declared browser bankruptcy, closed Firefox, and started over.
by publicjpk July 3, 2008
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When you are so far behind in your work all you can do is delete the work assigned and declare "information bankruptcy" forcing the assigning parties to resend it if they want it done.
Bill formatted his hard drive and declared "information bankruptcy"
by Rocket Sled December 29, 2010
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