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To make a fool of or mess with someone; confirming that one is a tool
Me: Hi your four shirts all on top of each other with popped collars look awesome.
Tool: Yea I know. All the cool kids are doing it. Also bitches can't resist the popped collar. I'm getting laid tonight. *high five*
Me: I was being sarcastic. No one is gonna want to have sex with you. You look very silly. I was totally tooling you.
by shmaters gee April 12, 2009
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The act of either soberly or drunkenly acting like an idiot, dbag and/or jackass. Making a fool of yourself.
Eric threw the bottle of patron at the counter top then tried to chop it up with a samurai sword

Damn he was defiantly tooling out
by JHoffman November 13, 2010
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The act of a person draping their arm over a date or significant other to rest their arm and seemingly show affection. Hand must hang loosely over the shoulder as if the shoulder is purely an arm rest.
Look at that frat boy tooling their date.
by hoferwannabe June 14, 2019
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The act of being a tool, i.e. doing work when you should be out raging
Bob: (at 9pm on a Friday night) Dude, are you seriously going to be tooling all night?
Derek: Yeah, I've got a midterm Monday.
Bob: That's what Sunday night is for, you fucking tool.
by WillHandsome March 02, 2007
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Ice/meth induced behavior that makes seemingly mundane tasks seem so exciting that you focus on it for hours aka "stuck"
That shit must have been fire, cuz John has been tooling hard and removed every electrical outlet in the house looking for listening devices that "the man" is using to spy on him.
by Lilliandelight June 30, 2019
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General: Custom made tools used to perform a specific task .
Political: Cultured persons that are brainwashed into believing what someone else has told them is true. Political tools
We're tooling up to make cars.
If we put our tooling into action we will win the next election.
by Intelligento February 05, 2006
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