1. Messed up completely and without hope; to be in a hoplessly bad condition or position.
2. To spray with water from a hose.
3. Swindled or taken advantage of by deception.
4. To be waylaid and prevented from accomplishing something.
1) This engine is hosed. The pistons are seized and the block is cracked.
2) I hosed down the driveway this morning; now all the leaves and debris are gone.
3) I've been hosed! That Playstation I bought yesterday was an empty case weighted with rocks!
4) A: You, sir, are a hoser. I have done nothing today due to you distracting me! B: Nary, madame, I have hosed you not!

sources: 1) general usage, jargon 2) general usage, literal 3) southern central PA 4) JSD
by ninjamanzz September 3, 2012
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1.utterly and undoubtedly affixiated in a troublesome situation
2. reflecting on a situation in a negative manner

syn: Jacked, screwed, fucked
"we got hosed tommy, we got hosed"
by wise February 14, 2003
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the MIT version: to be completely mentally and physically exhausted from completing some form of academic work typically within the last 8 hours of it being due.
Man I am hosed, I stayed up all night finishing a pset.
by C March 16, 2005
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to be intoxicated. to be drunk to the point of memory loss and the possibily of pissing the bed becomes high.
If we drink all these 40's we're gonna be hosed.
by Tony April 4, 2005
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I tried to install windoze 2K, but the damn install hosed my system
by [c0x0r] January 3, 2005
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1. (transitive verb)to spray, soak, wash, or rinse something or somebody with water from a hose.

1.(slang/transitive verb) To deceive or trick somebody.
(slang/transitive verb) To make a computer system nonfunctional or greatly degrade the performance of a system

3.(Acronym) H.O.S.E.D. -> Hardware Or Software Error Detected
Etymological thing (0_O):
Old English hosa “leg covering, husk” (hence “flexible tube”). Ultimately from an Indo-European word meaning “to cover,” which is also the ancestor of English hut, scum, and sky.
I'm too lazy.. lol.. and spleepy(rightnow).. to write an example..

Steven hosed my computer..
by Som_Guy January 26, 2005
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To be rejected
"Mike was trying to get into that club, but he got hosed."
by Eliot February 17, 2004
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