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a violent and destructive movement of the bowels usually concluding with a severe shit storm.
After eating a Patty Melt and Bert's Chili at The Waffle House
I unleashed one hell of a scatastrophe
by Firestarter_8686 March 10, 2008
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A catastrophe involving feces; often times explosive and messy. Typically but does not necessarily happen during a sexual act.
I was fucking her hard in the ass and when I came hard I clearly pulled out too quickly, there was a heaping warm scatastrophe all over my bed!
by brentionary March 17, 2009
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A catastrophe related to or with direct involvement of scat.
Can also be used analogously as to describe a situation of catastrophic failure, but slightly worse and possibly with a little scat sprinkled on top.
1. Last night Chris had the chili cheese habanero bean and salsa dip along with a few gin and tonics which resulted in this morning's scatastrophe.

2. The most famous scatastrophe of all time is probably 2 girls 1 cup.

3. It's horrible to see a crane collapse on a building, but for that building to be an old folk's home is a scatastrophe.
by itakepwnership September 23, 2010
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1:Whenever John Paul Larkin (Aka:The Scatman) died on December 3, 1999. December 3rd is now recognized as a Scatastrophic day.
Tom: Jill, did you know that The Scatman died the other day?!
Jill: Ohemgee Tom, that's a scatastrophe!
by WGBEntertainment June 29, 2010
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