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A victim of the dick; typically caused by a dick that is too large or too small.
1. "Damn girl, I can barely walk today, I was a dictim of a guy that had a 12" cock. He ripped me a new hole!"
2. "Shut up ho! You're lucky! I was a dictim as well but only because I couldn't even feel the guy's dick enter me, it was 3" long and 2" of it was foreskin!"
by brentionary March 17, 2009
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a person willingly receptive of penis but, when discovered publicly, openly expresses feelings of being sexually harmed, abused, raped or any other unwanted sexually explicit events or actions.
When he asked her the next morning how was it, she seemed surprised and startled. He then expressed to her, "Don't try and play dictim now, Becky"!
by NoSnoozeBruce June 03, 2018
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