Awkard turtle is when your talking to someone and some very odd happens like if you asked someone out and theres a awkard pause thats it!!
You: Hay <insert his or her name>
Person:hows it going good looking
You: Great, Haye will you go out with me?
Long Pause
You: O shit awkard turtle
by Mothkilla March 6, 2009
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when you slowly stop talking cause you realize no one is listening
you: so then when I got hom..
you: ( whispering) this is awkard
by I.AM.STUPID......YAY July 14, 2017
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An amount of money that at face value is significant and helpful, but doesn't come close to what is necessary for your needs and obligations.
I won $50,000 in the lottery! An awkard amount of money. It's like $32,000 after taxes. I have like $200,000 in student debt and my annual overhead is $100,000 and I owe $40,000 on my car. I can't really do anything with this money. It's a lot, but it doesn't really help in my day to day lifestyle and doesn't make much of a dent in my debts.
by Tubby Crockett November 15, 2021
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