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Thing that killed almost everyone in almost every play writen more than 200 years ago
Edipus thought he was cool but then he fucked his mom...that was his tragic flaw
by brad March 12, 2003
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The union of True and Hero. A true hero. Someone of heroic truth. Without doubt, a hero. hero
1) Hercules is a truero.
2) And we will remember them as trueros, because they gave their life for their country in a time of war.
3) Only those who have died will earn the title "Truero".
by brad October 21, 2004
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The ultimate free online game. People rip on it because of the graphics but in reality if you were a true gamer graphics dont really matter as much as the gameplay does. Runescape is a game you play for the enjoyment of doing quest and have multiple jobs to do. You can do a lot in the game that you could do in any other game.
"Man im so bored." "dude you should play RS (runescape) "whats that?" a badass free MMORPG. "tight! what should i do?" "go make a character any way you want, and ill help you out." "sweet dawg!"
by brad January 06, 2005
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Sickening... I can smell that girl's salmon canyon from here...doesn't she wash??
by brad January 09, 2004
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