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meaning Be Rad. U gotta be rad ir ur name is b.rad
b.rad is so rad,
b.rad is not rad
by brad January 23, 2005
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A crafty man, his anecdotes and style will amuse you and leave you thinking for a while until you realise that the story not only has no point to it but is just a bunch odd words seen or heard from retro music/shows, hey its ok, if your name is brad, youll end up having weird and wacky relationships with girls from various ages and race, weird and wacky ones:)
"hey my name is brad"
"ok here i go, it was ..."etc
by brad March 16, 2003
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Name given to a 1982 Toyota T18 (motor vehicle).

Derives from Fuck>Fuck yeh>Fist yeh>fist yeh room>Bradyeh
There goes bradyeh..
by brad February 27, 2004
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the epitome of rugby success, the yardstick by which all other countries measure themselves, and they all fall short
"The All Blacks have just won the 2003 Rugby World Cup"
by brad July 22, 2003
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