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An inconsequential opinion or comment given to another person on a particular topic. Not because it was warranted, but because the giver felt compelled to say it, regardless of its relevance.
Say two professors are in a deep discussion on Super String Theory, then a undergraduate student pipes in and says something just to be a part of the conversation, with out any real knowledge of the subject. That would be consider "throwing in your two cents."
by brad May 20, 2004
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A slang for Natural Light beer, a favorite of poor college students the world over.
"A keg of natty? Awww damn!"
"Go get me a natty."
by brad March 13, 2003
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1.the last name of a crappy formula 1 driver
2. Slang for penis
1. damn, did u see how that panis guy blew that last turn?
2. damn, thats a big panis
by brad November 18, 2003
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When you're having intercourse in the vaginal region with a female and you "pull out" and quickly shove it in her anal cavity and continue with rough butt sex.
Good 'ol was fuckin' dem bitches down by da water and gave his bitch a Pearl Harbor
by brad November 21, 2004
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the way a pizza hut employee perforates their thin dough bases. this technique originated in Forest Lake of QLD, Australia in the year 2007. the end result is a fresh, well rounded pizza with airbubbles the size of your 8pak o' wings
dough guy: maaaaaaaaan these thins are takin fo ever ill just half perforationizzle these bitchez >_>
cut\box biches: omgawd this pizza is like perforationizzled...... ohwell, im not eating it *hehe*
by brad March 15, 2007
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