Possibly the greatest state in this beautiful country of ours! However, the bogan central of Australia.. Anyone who has lived there long enough knows this.
by Lucifer is my bitch September 10, 2021
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stands for Queensland, its the stat above nsw.
the capital of qld is brisbane
by i don't know who i am!! April 13, 2007
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abbreviation for "quick log drop", meaning to take a really fast shit.

necessary to take a QLD while busy at work
"man I really gotta shit"

"well make it a QLD!"
by anthonyyyyyyyyyyy September 9, 2011
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Queer Lady Dyke. Aka fancy lesbian.
man 1: Damn check dat shorty over there!
man 2: don't even bother shes just a QLD.
by Banesby June 18, 2011
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The only place in Queensland where you can ride a camel or your cousin.
Guy 1 : Where are you from?
Guy 2 : Tara QLD
Guy 1 : I'm so sorry about that.
by Koopatroopie2299 August 2, 2022
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