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A kid that goes to UC for the weekend and fucks a girl twice in one hour and then goes back for more the next day. He then proceeds to find out that he has a fucking STD and puss is coming out of his limp rod
Z-Spew-A-Load-In-Her, Z-Gunner,
Z-Douchebag, Z-Asshole, Z-Dumbass
by brad November 23, 2003
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A theoretical being that some philosophers use to discuss consciousness. A zombie is identical to a regular person in every way (including his behavior), except that he has no subjective, conscious experience at all. The thought experiment goes something like: "How do you know if someone is a zombie?"

Philosophers like John Searle assert that the theoretical possibility of zombies severely hinders our ability to observe and study the phenomenon of consciousness objectively.

Many materialists, however, assert that if a being was structurally and behaviorally identical to a regular person, then consciousness would result as an emergent property -- zombies cannot exist.
Daniel Dennett doesn't believe in zombies.
by brad December 01, 2003
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