9 definitions by black jesus

Name given to male who possesses cunt like qualities
I can't believe you won't come out, you are such a man cunt.
by black jesus May 01, 2003
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To assault a person utilizing a cellular phone as a weapon. Similar to a pistol whip.
In order to avoid assault, I cell phone whipped him, into unconciousness.

Ho! You know I'll cell phone whip a bitch!
by black jesus July 07, 2005
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Extreme diarhea, usually caused by heavy drinking. Also known as the liquor shits. Diarhea is classified as such when stool is mostly liquid.
Oh shit, my asshole is on fire. That god damn bottle of Jager made me brew college tea.
by black jesus August 24, 2003
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A shot of liquor that is likely to come back up.
No jameson, thats a bungie shot, I'll have something fruity.
by black jesus August 16, 2004
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A female who has done something undesireable.
You guacamole twat bitch, I cannot belive you gave him a hot carl before we kissed.
by black jesus May 02, 2003
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