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1. to follow through with plans that were made with friends; come through
2. to go to a place or event; to make an appearance
1. "All of our friends are going to the beach today, so you should cruise!"
2. "Cruise this party! There are so many people here, you'll have fun."
by SoCal vibes March 20, 2017
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drive arround pointlessly with a load of mates for hours
"What you doing tonight"
"Nuffin. Just goin for a cruise"
by sieman April 05, 2004
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A person who "cruises" is usually checking out someone they may already be interested in, or roaming the clubs and other venues looking for someone, usually for anonymous sex, or possibly even drugs. If accompanied by a crew, a cruise may involve hours of mindless party hopping while under the influence.
Jim cruised the guy in the VIP section of the club.

Yo Dawg, I heard they have some bitchin frat parties popping tonight! Let's cruise around for some.
by Mwatuangi March 01, 2015
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Hawaiian slang term meaning to just hang out and not do anything of any importance.
Brah this class sucks, im just gonna cruise til the times up.
by Sal Martinez October 25, 2006
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To be more specific, it means to drive around in a car and smoke marijuana where I live.
John called Thomas to see if he wanted to go cruise.
by H. Carl June 13, 2005
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V. -- to try to seduce someone
Oh man, I went to the bar last night and I cruised the shit out of this girl, I did such a good job at cruising her, her boyfriend wanted me to take him home too.
by nigel May 06, 2004
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