Can be a plural to shit or crap. Can also be the ship name between Matt Holt and Takashi Shirogane (shiro) in voltron since the fandom is suppperr creative.
Example 1: i cant beleive you've shat(t) on the floor!
Example 2: Shatt is super cute
by RedMeph127 March 20, 2017
1. The past tense of shit
2. Another word for shit
I shatt myself
You piece of shatt
by Beth January 13, 2005
The best house to party and indulge at located in Corvallis, OR.

All other "Shatt Houses" are here after followers, and secondary to the original Shatt.
"Man, I have never been more fucked up then last night at the Shatt. That party was insane."
by Shatterday February 13, 2009
A short form for Shattrath City, a town from the game World of Warcraft.
LF a disenchanter in shatt.
by fslhero April 5, 2008
-synonym for shit
-all-purpose exclamatory
"Shatte! She's making out with that jigga over there!"

"Holy shatte!"

"What the shatte?!"
by Specter_monkey March 3, 2005
Old shit something no good not even worth stressin over
You think your the man. But you ain't shatts.
by Dtekshun February 26, 2016