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America's greatest rock n' roll band. Members include Steven Tyler (vocals), Joe Perry (Lead Guitar), Tom Hamilton (bass), Brad Whitford (2nd guitar) and Joey Kramer (drums and percussion). Most famous songs are 'Dream On', 'Walk This Way' , 'Dude (Looks Like a Lady)', 'Janies Got a Gun', 'Sweet Emotion', 'Love In An Elevator', 'I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing', 'Girls of Summe' and many more. In 1979, Joe Perry quits and is replaced with Jimmy Crespo and in 1980, Brad Whitford leaves and is replaced with Rick Dufay. Now, Aerosmith is back to it's original line-up and is still rockin hard.
We went to go see an Aerosmith concert in New York City.

Aerosmith is America's favorite rock band.
by Ben April 14, 2005

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To have sex with, especially spontanously and/or with great passion/force.
I nailed her out of the blue last night.
by Ben September 29, 2003

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Mozilla Firefox's bitch.
Firefox pwns Internet Explorer. 'Nuf said.
by Ben November 30, 2005

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The BMW M3 is BMW's sport coupe. 1st introduced in 1986. It was designed to compete with the Mercedes Benz 190.

The e30 M3 was built for the track and won many races.

The e36 M3 was built for the track as well as the road and featured staggered wheel sizes and an I6 that produced around 320HP from a 3.0 or 3.2 liter engine depending on when the car was manufatcutred. In mid-late 90s there was a 4 door version.

The current M3 (e46) produces 333Bhp from a 3.2 liter inline 6. and has nearly all the ammentys one could want as options from heated seats to stabilty and traction control.
The M3 represents some of the finest German Automobiles made.
by Ben March 14, 2005

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The finest American Beer, and my write-in for president
I drank a sixxer of Sam during the Pats game
by Ben December 13, 2004

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Spanish word for "party"
I'm thinking of holding a little fiesta in celebration of..."
by Ben November 20, 2003

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dudes, its spelled douche. get a fucking dictionary.
I used a Douche bag. I have no clue what a fucking dushbag is.
by ben February 10, 2004

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