436 definitions by ben

1. a socially challenged individual
2. one over the age of 19, w/ prominent dental wear
3. not a gansta
"Once I hung out with cngangsta, he cried, made out with his dmx poster, than told stories of drive-bys he OBVIOUSLY never took part in".......SON!
by ben February 22, 2003
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Another name for an Italian dickhead.
1. Hey cockello, whats up?
2. Zack you are such a cockello.
by ben March 16, 2005
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also referred to as "cocklit" this is a noun used to describe someone who acts like the male penis.
that kid who keeps stealing my food is such a cocklet i need that food.
by ben January 15, 2003
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Originated because sum1 has a nose so steep its a double black ski run, and looks remarkably cock shaped
Tamsin u have a cock nose
by ben April 13, 2005
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Pulling a limp penis to its maximum extent and letting go creating a rubberband effect known only as "cock snap".
She cock snaped me! Wow, that cock snap hurt.
by ben March 8, 2004
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A derogatory term used to describe a whore. They may additionally be good at cooking.
You are such a cockwaffle.
by ben December 22, 2004
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Among the worst websites on the internet. A place to go where you can read about snotty geniuses who feel the need to brag in the ultimate attempt to make the "average high school student" feel pity on the themselves. An absolutely awful website that privileges and celebrates the Ivy League-Potential student, while completely forgetting about everyone else.
Jonathan from New York: Hello, my name is Jonathan from New York. I was wondering if I could get into any college in the entire universe with these *shitty* grades and these terrible credentials. Will someone please help me!? Here goes: 5.0 GPA (on 4.0 scale); 1600 SATs; participated in every club in my high school; Started 12 new clubs/became Club President of each respective one; was Valedictorian of my class; participated in Community Service; Volunteered all over the place; Held jobs at 8 different workplaces; Wrote an amazing College Application essay; Teachers wrote excellent recommendations about me/sent those to the colleges; participated as Captain of every available high school sport team; played 4 different instruments/played in Jazz Band/Orchestra/Marching Band/Symphony Band/Choir... Oh yeah, and my high school is ranked #1 in the entire country.... WHAT ARE MY CHANCES PEOPLE!?!? HELP ME!! I'm just so worried, and I probably won't even get into the nearby Community College!! HEEEEEELLLPPPP!!!!

ME: You ignoramus!!!
by ben June 22, 2005
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