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The Carrot Gland that creates diced carrot on demand for inclusion in vomit.
After a big night on the piss, my buddy threw his guts up all over the footpath. The volume of carrot indicated that his carrot gland was in good working order.
by ben March 15, 2005
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Some body with a dick shaped like a cashew. i.e. curved, small, and deformed
Most asians have cashew dicks
by ben April 20, 2005
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Abstaining from sex, period. Often enforced upon members of clergy, and thus resulting in the rape or molestation of children.
When you deny basic human biology you invite disaster, just look at the celibate Catholic priests.
by ben September 29, 2004
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careless, thoughtless, and inconsiderate personal traits towards others
"You're two hours late and you haven't even written your verse. I'm paying for the studio time you fucking chacaraca!"
by ben April 1, 2005
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Its definition is the same as cheef, a term meaning idiot, plonker or prat. The addition of the silent capital H, is reserved only for instances where, a person can be described as behaving like a "Right cheefH" where there idiocy has passed any respectable boundary.
<Ben> Easy dude, can I have that £5 you owe me?
<Neil> Stop lying, I don’t owe you anything!
<Ben> Give me the £5 you cheefH!
by ben November 23, 2004
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distract the guard dog while the sandlot kid pounces on his baseball
Mate - she hot, I'm gonna sandlot kid, can you climb the back fence?
by ben November 19, 2004
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The one that just wont let go.
Can mean anything from that ex that bothers you to tears to a crab that attaches itself to your testicles while skinny dipping or that crap you did earlier and it still hangs on for dear life (I should know)
She's a clinger just kill 'er
OUCH I got a clinger
RRRRRGH ahh oh god it's a clinger
by ben December 13, 2003
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