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Goth was originally a term used to describe people with a taste for certain bands eg: Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, The Cure, etc. in the '80s when punk started to fade out, and with wardrobes predominantly black.
In the 90s and early 2000s the goth subculture seemed to change to include bands such as Nirvana, Linkin Park, Slipknot, Cradle of Filth, etc.

Many goths have a cynical outlook on society and have an evolved sense of humor which has gone beyond the "Ya ma" as an insult and will laugh at others, and at themselves in a healthy way. Goths don't usually care what other people think of them, and don't care if they don't fit in. Goths don't care, either what sexuality, religion, etc. other goths are, and we don't take the piss out of gays because we aren't homophobes.

If you shout insults after a bunch of goths, alot of the time, they might not be offended, but take pride that people are realising that they're individuals.
S/He listens to "Gothic rock"
S/He lives a goth lifestyle.
by Ben December 04, 2004

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The best fricken show that has ever aired on television.........if u haven't watched it u better start....IT THE BEST SHOW!!!!
LOST is the best show on t.v.!
by Ben April 26, 2005

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The greatest band in the world,
Purveyors of the greatest music around
"Which is the best band in the world?"
-"That would be the Foo Fighters"
by Ben May 17, 2004

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in hebrew it mean, shibby, cool, great, no problem, all-right
You wanna go smoke some pot? sababa!

Dude I : How was the party?
Dude II: sababa
by Ben February 11, 2004

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A dick that is wider than long
She tried to suck the chod, but had a hard time handling the sheer girth of it.
by Ben July 18, 2003

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(n) A tasty liquor. Goes great with coke. See Captain Morgan or Bacardi and enjoy.
Hey there, bar keep. Let me get a rum and coke and keep em' comin.
by ben October 06, 2003

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to be bitch like or pussyfied.
that dudes punk ass got his ass beat.
by ben April 04, 2003

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