84 definition by ben dover

one who is a daredevil;
one who does something unexpectedly
That guys is one crazy nahorzsta
by Ben Dover December 14, 2003

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leader of the mongolian tribe.
by ben dover July 15, 2003

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A large obese german women with lots of body hair who works in the high school cafeteria.
Look out, that Grundelcake over there is eating all the pizza.
by Ben Dover May 06, 2005

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A technique used to fuck a large farm animal in a cleared field.
After looking into No. 29's big brown eyes I knew I would have to take her out of the barn and stumpfuck her.
by Ben Dover October 19, 2004

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a guy with bruised/pruny nuts
tessa nut checked jason and gave him goober nuts nut checked
by ben dover October 03, 2004

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Half Cherokee Indian and Half Leprechaun that plays with his shillelagh wants to play with Pocahantas.Originates from Chief Sitting Shillelagh located in Southern Virginia,may be mistaken for an Arab.
Between 6'2 and 6'8 black hair,mark of the beast in middle of forehead,or red dot has protruding nose and unibrow.When intoxicated head may hang low.
by Ben Dover August 05, 2004

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(n) Little bunnies that come out during Easter and sneak into peoples houses to sleep on their couches. They can also guard peope's profiles on AIM from evildoers.

(\ /)
omg i found an esthar bunny sleeping on my couch last night
by Ben Dover February 29, 2004

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