A gun, specifically a six-shot revolver.
guy 1. We're out-numbered dawg! Its 5 of them and 2 of us!
guy 2. Chill bro! I'm packing my Barker, so its 8 of us and 5 of them!!!
by talk2me-JCH2 March 30, 2021
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a small village in Western NY with only two places to go
a diner and a pizza place
people are convinced there are more cows than actual people
the school's sports teams suck except for field hockey
Barker Kids are the blunt of many jokes, usually involving the word tractor
there is good cell phone reception though
Hey Barker Kid, how long did it take to drive your tractor over here?
Ladies and Gentleman, start your tractors!
by Barker Kid July 26, 2008
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Barker: a person selling produce at a open market whom Barks there prices aloud for customers to hear.

Barker: a person who strips the bark from trees to use for tanning.
the barker was selling fish at the market
by muthabarker February 5, 2010
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1. Verb. To put forth an inhuman amount of effort in the attempt to get away with doing nothing at all

2. Verb. complaining ad naseum about nothing at all to anyone who will listen oven though you know they don't give a shit

3. Noun. a large, especially smelly poo that you have been waiting to get rid of for hours and gives you a great sense of relief to be rid of
1. Quit barkering and just take out the trash already dude

2. "for the last time, quit barkering me because no one gives a fuck!"

3. dude, I just took the most massive barker ever! It was so great I had to smoke a cigarette afterwards.
by Shaynahatesyou October 9, 2009
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A masochistic wankers that prolly gets off to shoving curry up his arse. Loves it when grannies suck his back red.
by JustinTheWanker March 7, 2021
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(1.) noun: A very unattractive woman. From dog, an animal which barks.
(1.) I went on a blind date with Alison, and found out that she's really a barker!
by the specter August 11, 2007
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Lame person that has sex with dogs and plays wow all day.
You damn barker! Stop banging Bailey and leveling your rogue!
by McShakes October 12, 2009
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