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A very disturbing film about a girl with a carnivorous vag.
Dude1: Ever see that Teeth movie?

Dude2: Yeah man, she bit off her brothers penis.

Dude1. Righteous.
by Holy God, Its Super Jesus July 10, 2008
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Why the hell are you looking up tooth? Just open your fucking mouth you dumb fuck.
โ€œIโ€™m a fucking idiot, so Iโ€™ll look up what a tooth is."
by Matthew Has Downs June 02, 2015
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White calcium-like deposits in your gums. According to shake of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, teeth are for gay people.
"Yeah, the reason I dont have teeth..... is because I got rid of them, because teeth are for gay people. Why do you think fairies come and get them?"
by Not Zane August 18, 2004
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That unbelievable movie that will scare all the guys. You know, that movie where the girl has teeth between her legs and bites off various parts that make a man, a man.
That movie "Teeth" made me throw up!
by Lightboxes July 23, 2008
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a) them things in yo mouth that chew shit up for u
b) things in a pure abstinent woman's vagina that chop your dick off when u rape her
damn! did you see that? that nigga bitches teeth just chopped his wang off
by shastahasapenis October 20, 2008
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