1.a gurl that works for you in the streets
2.when ur mad and thats the only word that you can think of
3.owning someone in a sport or game
4.trying to get a gurls attention
5.a end of a sentance ender
1."b*tch wheres my money?"
2."Ur a B*tch!"
3."Ur my 156 pound b*tch!"
4."Hey bitch im talkin to you!"
5."See you tomorrow b*tches!"
by poochykins May 6, 2006
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An easy way to hack past a chatbot that censors the word Bitch.
Online censorship has become a b!tch since they started using chatbots to moderate some sites.
by Spiritual-Master January 5, 2022
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Its when people who are trying to be cool yet cant curse on a live chat on some stupid WOW server.
Mom-Get off in 5 minutes jhonny!
Nerd (To his friends in chat -Not mic so she dosent hear-)-Man she is such a B!tch!
Friend1-Yea my mom is too!
Nerd-NO I GOT KILLED!(Rages quits)
by Stormy Littles July 23, 2011
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A person who gets uber railed in the ass by a corporate entity and enjoys it. This person is a willing participant and will do whatever it takes for the corporate entity to continue screwing them in the ass, even if it means throwing money at the corporate entity. Some may even go to the extent of prostituting themselves to make money for Ubi in order to keep Ubi happy and to ensure that they can get screwed by the giant shaft of this corporate entity for many more years to come.
You Ubi B*tch!
by Bongloadsirs July 1, 2014
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That one girl who always seems to have a Starbucks frap in her hand, booty shorts, and always seeming to get attention in the wrong ways, usually having a name fitting with her attitude like becky, olivia, Elizabeth etc.
Person 1: did you see rebecca today?

Person 2: yeah omg she was being so annoying,that girl is dumber than a box of rocks, such a basic b*tch
by Psych and the collection February 1, 2019
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everyone in the group chat called "Noodlez bxtch:>" on instagram
except for Giorno_Giovanna-boii
by Gyro KuGiostar May 12, 2020
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It means a piece of shit who likes ubisoft's games. This phrase came from ubisoft's terrible games, and the word ubisoft actually was derived from the fact that the CEO of ubisoft's penis was soft as hell everyday and nothing could get it up.

A second meaning is a person from the enemy team.
OMG that guy loves Ubisoft's games, hes such an ubi-b*tch!

Kill that ubi-b*tch
by copperstick6 June 27, 2014
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