one of the two places (valley plaza being the other) that teenagers can hang out in bakersfield, many only go to start drama or show off their new gay ass "scene" hair and fucked up caked on makeup.

you can often spot 8th grade little whores walking around and "juggalos" who know maybe 3 ICP songs and claim to be "hardcore" when in reality they are merely burnouts who want a sense of "family" in which they seek to be a "juggalo" FUCKNG LAME SHIT. more recently, black people have been going to the marketplace and doing whatever black people do, but never fear gayass scene and "hardcore" kids, theres still plenty more of your clones there every SINGLE FUCKING FRIDAY of the year :

In additon to poser "scene" establisher kids, there are many "thizz heads" at the marketplace where they deal and sell and do their "thizz" or ecstacy pills.

carls jr. and the fountain are the places to be.


the marketplace can burn to the fucking ground along with all the stupid fucking scene hoes, bros and bro hoes, fake ass juggalos, thizzed out adolecents, "hardcore" mosh kids, random black kids, 8th grade whores, and everyone else who goes there to do not a damn thing.

oh and every other day the marketplace is a fairly decent place, filled with retired successful old people :
by biaatch. September 12, 2008
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Tempe Marketplace

Tempe, Arizona
AZ Homie 1: "Yo, let's check out some bitches at the Marketplace, then head down to Mill tonight!"

AZ Homie 2: "Hells Yeah!"
by Chizhi Worm April 28, 2009
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The only place where you can buy a luxurious mansion with 6 bedrooms for only $44.
Or they can take the opposite approach and charge $22,000 for a Twinkie.
I spent $300 on Facebook Marketplace and those 4 private jets are coming tomorrow.
by Deadboydoor517 April 23, 2023
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My ultra rare trading card was bought on the steam marketplace. I have enough to buy 28% of a gumball! :D
by Pasta Warfare October 27, 2022
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A social marketplace is a social media platform that implements a marketplace to allow users to buy and sell content through a storefront hosted on the user's social media profile page. An eBook sell can set up his shop on twitter and sell his content to followers who browse his shop.

Term coined by iconia.
Bitclout could implement a social marketplace to become the first decentralized version.
by Iconia May 1, 2021
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A combination of social media and marketplace technology which allows creators to sell content on their social media profile. Coined by Iconia.
Bitclout could implement a marketplace to become the first social marketplace.
by Iconia May 1, 2021
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Any place on the internet where people like to engage in political debate, sometimes even when that site isn't suitable for such discourse, like twitter or the youtube comment section.
Stop hiding behind your private account and debate me in the free marketplace of ideas!
by 2F5L-5XG December 29, 2021
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