To spark a phatty bowl. To smoke marijuana with one's associates.
We should get together and cheef later, I just scored a phatty sack of KB.
by sharpie July 9, 2003
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To smoke a cigarette or bowl very quickly ending up in the cigarette being hotboxed or bowl being cashed quickly.
by GeorgiaNox July 28, 2009
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Expulsion of gas from between an obese womans second, third or even ninth chin after engaging in chin-fucking. A cousin to the queef.
She had some left-over chicken grease on her chin, so i hit it but then she cheefed.
by BglSrc May 17, 2006
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Cheef is a rat like creature that steals anything it can from people. It has big eyes and moves slow. Its number one move is to poke its enemy until it gets what it wants. You can find it in its natural habitat cheefing and chilling with its bros. It lives in trees and when other chad's try to kiss it while its passed out it instinctively throws up on them.
Cheef you look really relaxed tonight, did you do anything bad?
Dude, why wouldn't you drive me to hook up with Kelly tonight?
by sneakiestbark October 30, 2007
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Another expression for the terms Idiot, nobber. prat or something along the same lines.
<bob> hahah bib i did ur missus the other day
<bib> shut up bob u stupid cheef
by Jay July 7, 2004
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Rather than a queef, a cheef is a chode fart. It occurs when there is a greater concentration of methane than normal chode gas. A cheef often occurs after fertilization occurs.
Man, that girl gave me such a good BJ last night, I was cheefing for the next hour.
by thechodemaster January 14, 2009
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The origin of this word is a mix. Combine Cheese and Beef and you get Cheef.
"Mmmm cheef on rye, with a side of Cod Flakes."
by TheCanadian July 8, 2005
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