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One who specifies and arranges a date with someone who is cool with pot smoking to the point of excluding those who do not condone the practice.
Seeking woman, tall and smart. Must be well read and 420 friendly.
You better be careful, those highway police are definitely not 420 friendly. They put their nose right up to you.
by badwsky October 03, 2009

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The place where all Bic Pens, or some other cheap brands, in as much as a 10-pack seem to disappear to in a matter of a week and a half in an office, and a month and a half at home.
The manner in which the pens have vanished remains eternally unknown as if they were drawn into a black hole where all information is not retrievable.
Jesus! I bough a whole bunch of pens last week and I only have one left! Did anyone open my draws? They can't just have disappeared like that! This keeps happening as if there is some friggin' Bic Pen Hole sucking them in!
by Badwsky February 05, 2010

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A person who is borderline attractive or ugly, yet is considered to good enough to have sex with.
A person who is backward and shy but one suspects that
there is an underlying, untapped, hidden wild nature in waiting.
After enough beers, by 3am most of the chicks left start to look fuck worthy.
Wendy in our office seem shy and reserved, but I bet she is a fuck worthy maniac in bed.
by badwsky October 03, 2009

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A person who is spending less and less time waisting time, becoming more uptight. Can be contracted to negslacker. One who in in the act described above can be accused of negative slacking or negslacking.
Can be further contracted to negslackin'
Yo Kirk, man don't let this happen again! Becoming a negative slacker has been the downfall of many a gamer, podcaster and online social networker.
Joe, you've been working late every night lately.
Stop negslackin' the group and come bowling with us tonight. You need to chill.
by Badwsky February 07, 2009

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1) The skill of avoiding eye contact with another person that you want to think you did not see.

2) The ability to not stare at a disfigured part of a person's body.

3) The willpower honed skill to keep from staring at a woman's bountiful breasts while speaking to her.
1) I didn't want to speak to Josey as she walked by, at the mall, so I turned on my avert-o-vision even though I know she saw me.

2) Dom's hand was burned to a nub, so I had to avert-o-vision the whole situation when he started to zip up his jacket because last time he got mad when I tried to help.

3) I was talking to my real estate agent about the home's features so I had to turn the old avert-o-vision on full blast when she kept leaning over the table to me, almost bursting out, while she shuffled through the listing papers.
by Badwsky February 10, 2010

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One who is caught off guard, and goes into shock when asked a question under pressure and just freezes up staring straight ahead. Refers to specially-seated, paralyzed character in an early episode of Star Trek who was motionless, jaw slacked and could only communicate via flashing lights with a yes or no.
Can be contracted to Piked-up or Pike with a capital P out of respect.

Joe was asked why they should spend 30 million on our project design and not theirs and he just gave us a Captain Christopher Pike for what seemed like forever.
Man that dude just Piked-up on me with nutin' ta say.
by Badwsky February 07, 2009

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A burnt-out hippie from the early 70s. A late-starter, acid tripping dude or chick into the planetary signals and vibes of the Zodiac and their horoscope readings.
Joey, check out that smelly bum with the mandolin sitting on the station with that purple headband. He looks like my dad's friend from the Age of Aquarius. To tell ya the truth Mike, he looks more like he's from the Aged of Aquarius!
by badwsky February 05, 2010

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